8 February 2018

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Bill Dashfield
20/20 web maestro

28 June 2017

Successful Completion at Kaikoura

I had the pleasure of joining Averil and her families at thelast two training sessions last week at Kaikoura High School and enjoyed getting to know everyone a little more. It is always a pleasure to visit and see the increase in confidence with the computer in general and also with the new skills.  I had fun learning more about pinterest and trying to develop a website using google docs.  The group picked it up quickly and were busy trying everything out.

We gathered together with the participants and their families after the last evening's training, to celebrated the successful completion of the Computers in Homes programme, and to acknowledge the huge commitment the participants had made to attend each week under trying circumstances. Well done to everyone!! And a big thanks to tutor Averil and staff of Kaikoura High School for their commitment to see the training to its successful completion.

Enjoy your computers and good luck with your continued journey with digital learning.
Kaikoura District Library will be starting Stepping UP classes next term. Enroll on line or by visiting the library.

12 June 2017

Welcome aboard Kaikoura High School!!!

It is great to have Kaikoura High School involved with Computers in Homes training programme. Thanks to the keen staff who have worked with me to make it happen, we now have 14 families who are attending training and increasing their skills each week, and who will soon be ready to graduate. These include families from St Joseph's School and Kaikoura Suburban School. There have been some difficulties maintaining internet connections during training sessions, but tutor Averill and the families have managed to work around these issues.  Two more sessions and it will be time to come together and celebrate the successful completion of training at the Graduation, and time to take computers home for the families.

Whanau meeting at Kaikoura High School.

13 April 2017

Graduation Celebration!

Congratulations to all the families for showing a great commitment to attending training at REAP Marlborough and for learning a range of computer skills which will support your children's education and your families lives in general.

We had a fun celebration and enjoyed a wonderful shared meal. Thank you families for your generosity! At the end of the evening the desktops and laptops went home - just in time for school holidays!


Thanks for a wonderful evening and congratulations to you all!!

2degrees are now offering you unlimited internet for the same price.  This is such great news!!! Thanks 2degrees!!

Cheers Denise