14 August 2014

All Set to Go!

Hi Everyone

Stoke School is now under way - with three classes starting this week.  There are sessions Monday and Wednesday mornings and one on Tuesday evening.

Pete Mitchener

Thanks to Pete Mitchener, principal at Stoke School for supporting families and the Computers in Homes programme.  Stoke School is also hosting some families from Nelson Christian Academy, Nayland College and Nelson Intermediate.  Welcome to all.

It has been lovely to attend the first sessions of each of the classes and meet the families participating.

Graduation has been set for October 22nd, so remember to keep that evening free!!

Monday's group checking out their internet options before putting their computer systems together!
Tuesday evenings group.

Angela is connecting all the cables to set up her computer. 

There will be 10 weeks of classes and then our Stoke families will be taking a computer like this one home for their family to use. The time will go very fast!!
Have fun and enjoy the learning!!!

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