3 November 2014

Congratulations Stoke School!!!!!


Stoke has now held their Graduation for the 27 families who have successfully completed their Computers in Homes training programme.  This is amazing. 

Well done to all the families, as well as to Pete, Principal of Stoke School and his staff.  It has been a pleasure to work with Pete and his team and a pleasure to support Heather as she worked with families for their three classes each week.

During the graduation we were entertained by a talk from Matt Lawry, and a colourful dancing and singing performance.

Matt Lawry

Certificates were presented to all the successful participants and their commitment to attending training was acknowledged. 

Debbie Oakley receiving her certificate.
Heather and Pete presenting Eric Harper
with his certificate.

Lance and Liu receiving their certificate.

Eric and Kim spoke to everyone to share their experiences of the Computers in Homes programme.  Then Pete invited them to cut the Graduation cake.
Eric Reweti, Kim Saunders cutting
the cake with Pete Mitchener.


And now these computers have new families to go home with.  They will be set up in family rooms by now, for the family to share and families will be waiting impatiently for their Snap internet connections to be completed.

 So, to keep your computer and your family happy, remember.......  the parents who completed the training know how to keep the computer running well and how to keep the family safe on the internet.  They are the boss of the computer so please listen to what they have to say!!

It has been great working with you all in Stoke.  Good luck with your computers and enjoy!!


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