4 March 2015

Classes begin at Redwoodtown School

What a great start to the year!!   25 families are attending three classes of Computers in Homes training at Redwoodtown School.  Gary Hildyard, Principal of Redwoodtown School was happy to host families from surrounding schools and with the amazing help of Lapu to bring this all together, we now have families involved from St Mary’s, Marlborough Girls', Blenheim, Bohally Intermediate, Springlands and of course Redwoodtown School. 

First sessions were held on the 18th and 19th of February, with the capable support of tutors Sharon Holm, Emma Hebbard and Rebekah Vercoe.
Sharon Holm - Wednesday
afternoon tutor
Emma Hebbard - Wednesday evening tutor

Rebekah Vercoe - Thursday evening tutor

It was lovely for me to attend these first sessions and meet all the families and watch you play around with the Paint programme and get familiar with the computer set up. 
Wednesday afternoon class
Wednesday evening class


Thursday evening class
I will enjoy hearing how you are all progressing over the next 10 weeks. 
Enjoy your learning!!

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  1. Awesome to see the community sharing the tutoring :)