3 June 2015

Alli's Story

Hi, I’m Alli and I’m so grateful that the Computer in Homes course exists!

Initially when I started this course, my aim was to update my computer skills so that I could help support my son who’s ten with his homework which has become increasingly more and more computer dependant. Driving out to Nana’s house to use her computer, in the evenings isn’t the most convenient!
Alli with Auckland Point School Principal Sonya Hockley. 
Alli's success  story was published in the
Computers in Homes Half-year Report

Now at the end of the course, I feel like I’ve come such a long way in preparing myself to re-enter the workforce (after ten years of not being in the paid workforce). Ten years ago I used to work full-time on a computer but so much has changed since then: A flash drive or memory stick, what’s that? Zero and the cloud, what’s that all about? Facebook, well, that didn’t even exist back then. Technology had left me behind!!! But I knew, if only for my son’s sake, I needed to get up with the play. I wanted to learn how to protect and help keep him safe on the internet. I wanted to be able to continue to help and support him with his homework. I wasn’t quite sure where to start. After ten years out of the paid workforce I had lost a lot of computer confidence, and to be honest, a lot of confidence full stop. Now in my forties, the thought of studying again in a classroom was daunting! But this Monday 16 June ‘14 I finished the Computer in Homes course and the Stepping Up classes that followed. I’m going to miss those Monday mornings! I even feel a bit sad that it’s all finished. I really enjoyed learning and the fact that our classes were small and relaxed. Our tutor Heather was friendly, helpful and patient. Sometimes very patient! I liked the way we were taught; first we were shown what to do on the computer while we watched, then we had printed notes to also help and guide us as we practised. It’s great having exactly the same computer at home now with the same programmes and the same notes to refer back to.
What this course did for me, and I didn’t expect, was it gave me my confidence back. I even feel like I could apply for jobs now that interest me. The course also inspired me to keep on learning and helped me to know the direction to go in. I had been thinking earlier about doing a Business Administration course at Polytechnic until one Monday morning in class when we were doing spreadsheets. Some of the other students were saying, “I hate spreadsheets!” Or “I don’t like numbers!” Meanwhile I was sitting there thinking, “I love spreadsheets! I love numbers!” It made me realise that I still enjoy accounting which is in line with what I used to do and all my past experience. So instead of studying Business Administration, I think I will focus more along the lines of accounting. I’m Excited! Studying at Polytechnic again now doesn’t seem quite so scary, and I’m sure I will even enjoy it.

Having a computer at home now is great ! It’s so convenient for my sons homework, well, and playing Minecraft ! I feel confident now that I know how to help protect and keep him safe on the internet, set healthy boundaries on it’s use, and also how to maintain and keep the computer and files safe too. My husband likes Trade Me and the notes from the course have been really helpful. For me personally, getting my confidence back has been the best thing. The $50 spent to do the course and get the computer is the best money I’ve ever spent. I would encourage anyone who has children but no computer in your home to do this course. Computers are the way of the world and I think it’s important as a parent that we try and keep up with our children’s world, for their sake, as well as ours. I’m just so thankful to have been given this opportunity.
Thanks for sharing your story Alli.
Cheers Denise

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  1. What a great learning story! Well done Allie, Heather, Denise and all the Computers in Homes crew in Nelson Marlborough.