2 May 2016

Blenheim School Training Group Success!

Blenheim School held their last training on Tuesday morning, followed by their graduation that evening.  We were entertained by some amazing young people - sharing their music and dance.

A big thanks to Principal Denyse Healy for hosting Computers in Homes at Blenheim School and to Pam for all her efforts to support the learning during the 20 hours training.  And also for the help of Lapu in supporting pasifika families.

Kerri presenting flowers to Lapu, Denys and Pam.

Councillor Jenny Andrews and tutor Pam Stoneley
 presenting Pare with her certificate.
It was especially nice to have Di Daniels, National Coordinator for Computers in Homes visiting, as well as Councillor Jenny Andrews  - who was able to join us to speak to families and present certificates. 

Local support people, principals of hosted families, class teachers and graduates' families were able to come along and acknowledge the commitment and success of the families graduating and help them to celebrate their success, before heading home with their computers.  Great timing with the holidays coming up with time to learn what the computers can do!

Carol spoke of her motivation for
attending - her mokopuna,
and then she responded..

                         Well done to all of you!!!!

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