20 February 2017

Training at REAP Marlborough

We are off to a great start in 2017 with REAP Marlborough hosting two training groups. The training is being held on Tuesday evenings from 6.30-9pm and Wednesday mornings from 9.30-12 noon. There are a couple of places left on Tuesday night's group so let me know if you are interested.

Lapu (Pasifika Advocate) has been doing an 
amazing job, checking in with all the families 
who signed on late last year, to make sure 
they were still available to begin last week.  
Lapu, your help has been invaluable, so thanks.

It was great to join Lynne (tutor) for the first sessions of training last week and to meet the families who had enrolled.  I'm sure when I return to Blenheim in a week or two I will really notice a buzz in the room and an increase in confidence. I am looking forward to it.


Already the friendly faces of Ailsa and Janice 
are making families feel welcome 
at REAP Marlborough.

Hard at it!
And full concentration!!!

Enjoy your learning!!!

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